25 / 11 / 19

The Summer Festival marked a milestone for our development, as it was the official launch of our eco park. The Park symbolizes the innovative thinking that is embedded within the design of our estate. The event allowed visitors to appreciate and observe the rich plant diversity and wildlife for which this area is known.

We hosted several outdoor activities to celebrate the launch of the park. Residents, homeowners and members of the general public gathered for a Secret Sunrise, 5km fun run, live music, food trucks, entertainment and a lucky draw competition. The events were a true representation of the outdoor activities that are possible through a lifestyle at Nooitgedacht and allowed visitors to marvel at this scenic part of the Cape Winelands.

Werner Wirth, the developer of our estate, addressed the guests and commented on the ongoing progress that has been made since its inception. The park represents the vision of the development team to create a living space in which residents can interact and appreciate the beautiful surroundings.

The Secret Sunrise allowed guests to partake in a guided mindfulness practice. This internationally accredited and globally recognized group aim to unite individuals through music and play. The session involved facilitators distributing headsets to guests and leading them through a series of movements incorporating, meditation, dance and breath-work. Attendees, both young and old, shared in the fun, marking a dynamic experience for all who participated. Visitors also gathered at 8AM to partake in a 5km fun run. The run stretched around the Nooitgedacht Farmlands, through the surrounding orchards, vineyards, forests and open farmland.

In addition, the event included a competition in which one fortunate recipient won a ski-holiday in Andermatt in the Swiss Alps and a 5-night-stay in a world class hotel. This prize was sponsored by the official Nooitgedacht sales partner, Realtors International.

Our park serves as a haven for wildlife and facilitates an integrated lifestyle for our residents. We hope that the park will foster and strengthen relationships among neighbours and enhance the lifestyle for all residents.

09 / 05 / 19

We are thrilled to announce that our wonderful Village was recently selected as South Africa’s ‘Best Mixed Use Development’ by a panel of judges from the African Property Awards. We now go on to represent the country in the category, “Best Mixed Use Development in Africa” at the Dubai, Africa & Arabia division of the highly prestigious International Property Awards.

These awards give recognition to leading property developers, architects, agents and interior designers and other property professionals from around the globe. The regional awards cover Africa, Asia Pacific, Arabia, Canada, Caribbean, Central & South America, Europe, UK and USA. At the end of the year, international nominees from each area across the world are once more judged to discover the overall best regional and international winners. These “World's Best” winners are presented at an overall International Property Awards event later in 2019.

Winners for the upcoming regional award will be announced at a gala dinner and showcase at the Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square, in Mayfair, London on the 12th June. The dedicated team behind our unique concept and vision, headed by CEO, Werner Wirth will attend this glamorous and prestigious event.

This accolade is a huge honour for us, and also testimony to the success of our special vision to create a unique old world village atmosphere for residents. It is also excellent news for our investors! The International Property Awards are widely considered as the “Oscars” of the property world. The teams of judges, comprised of 80 property industry experts, strive to identify the highest levels of achievement in real estate, development, architecture, interior design and marketing in both the residential and commercial sectors. They focus on criteria such as services, sustainability, high living standards, ergonomics, originality and creativity. Being recognized by the awards team adds value to your property.

What this means for you – our residents and investors:

  • The award will give Nooitgedacht Village massive credibility in the South African property market.
  • We can utilise the International Property awards branding on all marketing platforms including social media, Print media, PR, Marketing Material and client databases.
  • The award will boost Nooitgedacht Village as International Investment destination.
  • Increase current buyer confidence in Nooitgedacht Village, development sales and overall property values.
  • The accolade sets Nooitgedacht Village apart from competing developments.
  • Boost professional team confidence and credibility in the industry.

We would like to thank all of you for always believing in Nooitgedacht Village dream and being part of this unique legacy. We are confident this award is the first of many accolades to follow!

29 / 11 / 18

Since ancient times, people have been thinking about how to build the ideal city. Today, more than 55 percent of the world's population lives in urban areas or cities , and the importance of urban planning is now greater than ever. But what would the ideal city look like? One answer that is gaining popularity is the “village ideal”.

Most of our cities today are the result of the modernist visions of the 1940s to 1960s, which have proven to be far from ideal. These visions are characterised by a response to the rapid car popularisation of the era. Cities were increasingly designed to accommodate vehicles, which led to a neglect of basic human needs.

With the rise of skyscrapers, affordable housing and giant motorways, a key characteristic of an inhabitable city was lost: human scale.

Human scale refers to the size and layout of environments that is most welcoming to the human body and its senses. With the expansion of our cities has come the neglect of smaller details that are important for people to thrive. Modern urban planning seems to forget that pedestrians do not see the layout of their cities from a bird’s eye view. They experience the world from the vantage point of the curb. They see the details of fine architecture; the intricate masonry around windows; the beautiful gables and woodwork of doors. The pedestrian smells flowers and food being prepared; and notices the little plants that make their way between bricks. Even though cities now house more than half of the world’s inhabitants, people who live in them cannot see the overall design that shape their daily lives – it’s simply too large. This leads to people feeling alienated, overwhelmed, and lacking in human interaction.

But urban planners and private developers are catching on to what people really need in their environments. This has led to a return to traditional urban design – one which is sustainable and brings back the crucial elements of social interaction and access to natural elements. This is what is meant by the “village ideal”.

One example of the village ideal that has emerged in South Africa is Nooitgedacht Village in Stellenbosch. This development is built on a historic farm, surrounded by magnificent countryside scenery - at the heart of which is a vision to create a sustainable place where a diverse community can thrive. The village is characterised by its old-world, detailed architecture, reminiscent of Italian villages. The cobblestone streets are designed to prioritise pedestrian traffic and community interaction, while still accommodating vehicles.

In keeping with the design of traditional European villages, the estate is built around a town square, which will feature a bakery, a deli, a boutique clothing store and an art gallery – all with a distinctly local focus. A key aspect of the village is the proximity to nature enjoyed by its residents. Villagers enjoy access to 200ha of farmland and a future, landscaped eco park spanning 2.3ha.

With a greater need for understanding what defines the ideal place for people to live, Nooitgedacht Village presents a unique answer: a sustainable village in close proximity to the popular hubs of Cape Town and Stellenbosch.

09 / 10 / 18

Real Estate Investors, keep your eye on this town. Stellenbosch is famous for its attractive wine destinations, beautiful scenery and rich history. But there is more to the old Winelands town than you might think.

Wesgrow reports that the GDP of the greater Cape Winelands area grew from R33.3 billion in 2006 to R43.2 billion in 2015. Its largest sectors: finance, real estate and business services, contributing R10 billion in 2015.

Stellenbosch has distinguished itself as a hub for innovation and business ventures that have attracted international attention, proving that it is certainly not a one-horse town – and, for investors, increasingly worth betting on.

“Stellicon Valley” – an innovation hub Stellenbosch has emerged as a hotspot for exciting technological advances, ranking third among all African cities in fDi Intelligence’s study of global biotech locations.

Stellenbosch has become a breeding ground for tech start-ups, with the University affiliated business startup incubator, The LaunchLab, for example, having seen R110 million raised in investment capital for innovative start-up businesses since 2006, and the inception of more than 73 businesses under its guidance.

The town’s thriving business sector has attracted global interest, and hosted seven FDI projects valued at R2.8 billion in the last 2 years.

Some have subsequently gone so far as to refer to Stellenbosch as ‘Stellicon Valley’.

Real-Estate Developments Answer the Innovation Call

With ever-expanding business horizons in the district, but limited space within town central and growing traffic congestion, there has been an increasing need for real estate that would allow work close to home – additional to elements like security, space and luxury, that have become synonymous with South African estates.

Some innovative developers have answered the call.

One example: Nooitgedacht Village. Located on a historic estate a stone’s throw from Stellenbosch, the Village is gearing to develop an office park with boutique offices for sale or rent to accommodate the growing need for office space in the area, combined with the comfort and security of an estate lifestyle.

The greater vision of the Estate is dazzling, offering residential options from start-up, to luxury manor-style homes, along with a comprehensive list of lifestyle elements to be added: A 2.3Ha eco park, a Village square with various retail components, sublime running and cycling trails, equestrian facilities and a hotel with a clubhouse and fully equipped gym. All of this around the corner from your Village office.

Estate Property: A Good Bet amidst Political Insecurity

In an economy that sees much fluctuation due to political insecurity, estate property certainly presents an attractive option for those looking to invest in real estate. Paul-Roux de Kock, Analytics Director at Lightstone, writes that “Although luxury-market buyers are under pressure, the estate-housing market, in general, doesn’t dip as low or peak as high as the rest of the luxury market. We therefore expect it to outperform the luxury market during the current downturn”.

With the ever-extending possibilities that estates like Nooitgedacht Village now offer, especially with regards to bringing work and leisure together within its bounds, and the stability of these investments compared to the rest of the luxury property market, estate property in the Stellenbosch area presents a great opportunity for investors on an international stage.

01 / 12 / 17

The unique and aesthetically beautiful Nooitgedacht Village, set in the heart of the winelands, will soon be launching its second commercial phase.

The Commercial hub will consist of the main Piazza in the centre of the Village and the adjacent Village Foundry with an array of retail and commercial spaces.

Our vibrant main Piazza, at the heart of the Village, is envisioned as an old-world communal space modelled on the ‘old town square’ ethos of Mediterranean hamlets, where neighbors and families congregate to share in the joy of life and art of conversation.

Phase 2 of the Village Foundry offers entrepreneurs and business owners the opportunity to rent stylish retail or commercial space, clustered around two welcoming squares. Here one can relax while enjoying a cup of coffee or a drink with friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Interested prospective tenants include a deli, hair salon, gym, interior decorating shop and a family restaurant to name a few.

The Foundry’s first floor offers spacious, modern offices with fibre connectivity for working professionals. Spaces to rent ranges from 20m² to 200m² and can be tailored according to tenants’ requirements. Within close proximity to Stellenbosch, Cape Town CBD, Durbanville, Franschhoek, Paarl and Wellington, your business will be perfectly positioned.

The main attraction of Village Foundry phase one is The World Rugby Experience@Nooitgedacht, where prized rugby memorabilia, collected over decades, is showcased. The exhibition boasts the combined extensive personal collections of Theo Geustyn and Choet Visser, making it the world’s largest single private collection. This space will also be home to a well-equipped restaurant and function venue, perfect for hosting corporate functions or private parties. For more information please visit our website www.nooitgedachtestate.co.za/village or email us at info@nooitgedacht.co.za.

02 / 10 / 17

Developments at Nooitgedacht Village, Stellenbosch - a premier Winelands residential and commercial node - are proceeding swiftly. A vibrant commercial centre that includes ample office and retail space, a dedicated rugby museum and planned German-style beer house/restaurant, are all set to launch next year.

The Square offers young entrepreneurs and business owners a wonderful opportunity, either to rent stylish office space or to sell goods or offer services to Nooitgedacht Village residents. From clothing boutiques to hair and beauty salons to eateries, the opportunities are endless.

Spaces to let range from 20m² to 200m² and can be tailored according to tenants’ requirements. Nooitgedacht Village also sports fibre optics, ensuring optimal connectivity. Situated within close proximity to Paarl, Franschhoek, Cape Town International Airport and Durbanville, the Village is ideal for residents wishing to work close to home, or for business owners seeking a professional base in a truly picturesque setting just outside Stellenbosch. It also offers an excellent networking opportunity, as the hub will give tenants the chance to connect and communicate with other entrepreneurs and business owners in a sophisticated setting. The Nooitgedacht Estate, which neighbours the Village, is also a world-renowned venue that hosts top tier corporate functions and launches each year – an added plus point for any growing business to consider.

Managing Director Werner Wirth explains that the Commercial Centre will form the social heart of the Village with a coffee roastery, deli, the Bronze Editions (casting) Foundry, art gallery and more which will be available for both residents and the public to enjoy. One of its biggest attractions will be the forthcoming World Rugby Experience@Nooitgedacht, a unique space dedicated to the sport where prized rugby memorabilia will be showcased. Comprising of the world’s largest single private collection as well as a well-equipped function/conference area, this venue will be perfect to host corporate functions or private parties. When not used for functions, the venue with bar will be open to our Nooitgedacht Village home owners.

“We would like to extend an open invitation to like-minded entrepreneurs to join us and become part of the Nooitgedacht dream,” enthuses Wirth.

Nooitgedacht Village boasts a number of sophisticated residential developments. It offers residents their dream Stellenbosch Winelands home set amongst the vineyards with enviable views over the Stellenbosch Mountains. The projected ROI for select Village homes is currently 17% – impressive in the current property market. A huge value-add for nine select Village Square Phase 2 homes is that investors now have the option of adding an additional room. This extra space is ideal for use as an extra bedroom, study, or to let for extra income. This is an exclusive offer that savvy investors should not pass up.

Walking tours of the Village will take place during October on Saturdays and Sundays on the following dates:

7, 8 October 2017
14, 15 October 2017
28, 29 October 2017

Tours will start at 12:00, 13:00 and 14:00 respectively.

Please contact Toni at the Nooitgedacht Showhouse on 079 863 7347, or alternatively at marietjie@realgroup.co.za , to book your time and date.

For commercial related information or any other enquiries please contact info@nooitestate.co.za

Find out more about living the proverbial dream at Nooitgedacht on our website www.nooitestate.co.za

10 / 08 / 17

Boasting resilient property growth rates, Nooitgedacht Village Square Phase 2 is already 80% sold and promises to sell out within 2017. The time to invest in this prime development, positioned just beyond Stellenbosch and close to Durbanville, Franschhoek and Paarl, is fast running out.

Nooitgedacht Village boasts an unparalleled living experience for discerning homeowners and investors who value a lifestyle offering pristine nature, space, heritage, community and safety.

In the heart of Nooitgedacht Village, where the aroma of freshly baked bread, brewed coffee and chatter will fill the air – Village Square will boast a vibrant collection of houses, maisonettes, studio apartments and garden duplex units to really enjoy Stellenbosch living in style, all clustered around cobble-stoned piazzas.

An extension of Village Square Phase 1-, Phase 2 will consist of a range of two to three-bedroom homes. Village Square is ideal for those in search of a start-up home in the Stellenbosch Winelands or anyone looking to scale down. The second phase of Village Square will consist of 13 houses of 220m2 to 320m2 each and 56 houses of 122m2 each. These homes are plot and plan (own title), including all legal costs and no transfer duty.

12 / 06 / 17

Almost half of the available properties at luxury development Simonsberg Manor, Nooitgedacht Village are already sold, reports Cheryl Brand, the property consultant at Nooitgedacht Village. Simonsberg Manor is the latest bespoke residential offering forming part of this exciting development which has shown a consistent annual growth rate of 16.96% on property values since 2014, and lies adjacent to historic Nooitgedacht farm outside Stellenbosch.

“These are prime residential homes,” Brand explains. “They offer the ultimate in Stellenbosch Winelands living – and all that this entails. Our new single and double storey north-facing family homes are perfect for a tranquil lifestyle, gracious entertaining and the opportunity to really unwind in style amidst nature's grandeur. Homes also offer really fantastic vineyard and mountain views. It’s a spectacular product and a great choice for discerning homebuyers seeking the finest quality of life. Plus, Nooitgedacht has superb positioning between Stellenbosch, Durbanville, Franschhoek and Cape Town. One could not ask for better.”

Brand believes that the fact that properties in this development are already more than 40% sold – after launching only last month – is absolute testimony to how successfully the offering combines the lifestyle elements that discerning home buyers are looking for

Nooitgedacht Village will offer residents a chance to experience true community, in the style of an historic European village. The Village abounds with paved piazzas, walkways and squares where neighbours can meet up and socialise. The Village will eventually also be home to coffee shops, bakeries, eateries, galleries and other boutique shops. A conference centre, pub as well as the world’s largest collection of rugby memorabilia, housed in a dedicated rugby museum, and the Bronze Editions foundry will also form part of our thriving commercial centre.

Beauty, creativity and sensual pleasure abound, with the farm’s oak-lined river, historic architecture, rolling vineyards, expansive dam, vineyard and orchard-lined running and walking trails, landscaped eco park and the scent of its rose gardens to inspire the nature lover in you.

The niche Simonsberg Manor enclave consists of ten single storey and ten double storey homes overlooking the vineyards and mountains. Homes are positioned in groupings of four, with paved cobbleways in between and landscaped green areas. All three-bedroom homes are north facing to make the most of sunlight hours, boast double garages and a U-shape design optimising entertainment areas. Private enough to relax in peace with your significant other, or family and large enough to welcome friends and relatives, Simonsberg Manor is the ideal place for young families or retired couples.